Facts About The Owners

I am a true Valie from Randburg, Gauteng and my wife and I bought a property in Vermont in 2008 and have since been enjoying a lot of time (at least once a month) in this beautiful area.

Throughout the last thirty-eight years, I worked at different listed mining companies and am now semi-retired. On my wife’s advice, I have however decided to start this new venture in order to keep me out of trouble and my mind occupied. My wife used to be in the HR field and worked for a small group of hotels and lodges. She will be assisting with all administrative duties.

We have recently moved to Vermont on a permanent basis and are looking forward to many fruitful years ahead of us. We have always been passionate about the upkeep of our own properties and feel confident that our expertise can assist you in looking after and caring for your holiday home.

Should you need any further information regarding our company, services rendered or a quote, please feel free to contact us and see if we can in any way, be of service to you!

Martin and Alta Thorpe


Owning a holiday home in Hermanus can give you many years of happy family holidays with memories that will last a lifetime. You, therefore, need to enjoy every moment of your holiday and do not need to spend your time on maintenance issues during your precious holiday time.

Never again worry about your holiday or your holiday home. Good Neighbour Home Management was established to be your hands, eyes, and ears. We will ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with before they become your problem and ruin your holiday.

Monthly service fee (on request) is inclusive of the following:

  • Bi-monthly inspections of the property to check on security and maintenance issues. During these visits the property will be aired, toilets flushed and water run in basins, shower, and baths to avoid stenches building up in drainage systems.
  • Ensuring that the garden/pool service is maintained to the correct and agreed standard.
  • We will certify, on a monthly basis, that the sensors and panic buttons of the security system are activated in order for it to operate successfully at your home.
  • Should you require service providers to carry out any work, we will supervise their call out – two call-outs per month.
  • A report will be submitted after each inspection of the property, detailing all the areas which have been checked.
  • In the event of a severe storm, the property will be checked afterward for any damage to the property.

Additional Services

  • Stocking the fridge and pantry (😊) prior to your arrival.
  • Additional callouts for service providers/contractors.
  • Quotes can be arranged for any maintenance issues.
  • Meet and greet with visitors or family.
  • Where applicable, laundry, cleaning, garden and swimming pool management.